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Product Features

Payment Calculations and Desking
Payment Calculations & Desking - Payment Wizard (Lease/Finance Payment calculator with multiple payment options with real time bureau access, integration with lending aggregates, and paperless document processing and management.
  • Industry leading desking “payment wizard” allows sales managers to quickly process a customer’s deal by providing real times access to vehicle inventory through DMS integration.
  • The calculator will offer a 4-square finance/lease payment options with a printable menu of vehicle equipment and costs.
  • Front-end financials inclusive of vehicle data are linked to our F&I menu, further streamlining the sales process.
  • Real time credit bureau access, paperless document processing and management.
  • Calculated deal pre-populates Credit Application
  • All four pay options print on custom professional worksheet
  • Deal also includes front gross and lender reserve calculations
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